Wednesday, September 30, 2009

People who left foot print in my life

The Amazing sales team in Fitness First Damansara Uptown.
This was last year month of December everyone was exited to celebrate Christmas in the cluband our CGM force us to wear the hat so we got the mood of Christmas..woh yeah and this is the time i'm the ONLY GIRL in the team so i get pampered always with the boys in my team. you guys are amaizing shit that have happen in my life. How we chase our sales by the end of the month and work like no one business n try to slam on the phone just to hit our budjet. BUT WE DID. GO TEAM DU..

Fitness First Annual Dinner Mutiara Crown Plaza, KL
Moon was so drunk at this time n start bebeling to us n asking us to take pictures of him. This is the table where you can only hear them laughing like hell esp Moon's n Rafi's voice gosh. But i know they did enjoy the night.

FFDU P.T Team aka The Crazy Team
They even got the tittle TOP P.T of the month. well they did struggle to get to where belong No 1 Team in Fitness First Malaysia. GO PT TEAM.

FFDU Amaizing girls in my life
Dayang, Leanne, Nik, Zara the girls always have something to gossip about. Been livivng with them for 6 months and been thru our ups n down together.Missing those times where we had our nail paints and lunch in the sonsultant room hahah wat a day. Mi Amigas

My First months in FFDU. We're at Wakiki TTDI
It was raya last year when I 1st really hang out with these guys, Aisyah our Club Admin, Ahmad {janggut} was there.. hahah everyone got drunk at the beginning of the club outting except for me..cause I came late just got back from amar's open house. it was fun night out with everyone yeah including shanti was there also but never really spoke to her.

So basiclly these guys have already put their foot print in my heart. Being in FFDU been teaching me alot esp in doing sales. hahah tho i hate it so much....They are my colloueges, Friends and a Family to me.

Love you guys always
Natashya Raz

Monday, September 28, 2009

Aidilfitri 09'

our 1st day of raya we went to ferry's friend's open houses ate alot till me n joey cant even breath...starting frm my house, Shima's, Julie's then ferry's colleagues house in puchong..the food was superbly nice especially the rendangs in diffrent houses... mt 1st time ever celelbrate raya with Joey, Gina, Ferry and Domok hahahah..tons of fun n full like a crap....

Open House at Merdeka Villa, Ampang 26, Sept 09'

hahahah This what happen if too many people on the bed excited taking pictures...thank god not i'm the one who cause the problems cause im to tiny compared to them...

Ferry, Tash and Tini...

Make up by me Natashya Raz..
simple n suites the occations...

The Family

Joey, Arb, Is, Tini, Fitri, Kem, Shima, Fer, Natashya

Chantek {doko's Gf}, ferry and me

Just to make sure i'm taking pictures with everyone hahahah...yeah yeah me n ferry we're such a camwhore..

This is the time i have my pitures with Bone..well he's way at the back and im right in front..this is the time some of them are going back home...

Azrul Hisyam and Natashya Razali

A long lost friend and an old crush..i saw him on Facebook add him up and meet up on the open house itself...haven't seen this guys for years..never change but he's slidely bigger than last time i knew...Keep it that way Azrul I like it...

A must pictures before Azrul leave...hahah...
woh yeah Che wan is so exited to sits right next to azrul at this time....hahahha

After Our Open house in Merdeka Villa we straight went to Kak rose house in Rawang..yeah all the way in rawang but worth it..cute guys are all over the place hahah...ahh this is the only picture of 6 of us..Nice right??

Right in front of Kak rose house {kak rose with the black kurung} taking picture 1st before going back home....or shall i say expose urself before going off..but again worth it...someone did asked my number frm kak rose...hahah meletop uolz...

The Next day 27, Sept 09 before going off to Rembau...

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Happy 27th Birthday Dear Cuddle

Dear cuddle,

Wising you a very happy 27th birthday. And here's something fer you...Hope you enjoy your very day..

Your birthday only comes around once a year so let's make today a day to remember.

Wishing you all the best on your special day.

Today is a gift of life, today it's your birthday.

Lot's of people are thinking of you on your birthday;

I just wanted to let you know I'm one of them.

Have a wonderful day!

May the best of your past be the worst of your future.

Missing you Always


Natashya Raz

Sunday, September 13, 2009

I Miss you LoVe by Maria Mena

I've run out complicated theories
so now I'm taking back my words
I'm preparing for the breakdown
Your t-shirt lost its smell of you
and the bathroom's still a mess
Remind me why we decided this was for the best...

Because I miss you love

I know the distance is a factor
but I stretch as often as I can
My goal is to reach your hands any day now

Please don't blame me for trying,
to fix this one last time
I have a hard time as it is

Because I miss you love

Don't act like you don't know me
It's still me, I haven't changed
I'll be here when you come back

And I miss you love.

Friday, September 11, 2009

NuMbNess & ReGReTLeSs with ScRuFfy AnGeL

Crying and being sad is the last thing i wanna feel cause its hurt just to feel such way. I've been expecting things will happen but never thought it going to be this fast. Hey its already happen though...Its not suppose to be this hard when he said all these thing and it supposed to be as simple as it it..but woh why does it have to hurt me such ways???

I never regret being his lil girlfriend and never regret to care for him and will not regret the risk i took. Cause at this point I always think he's the most wonderful mat salleh i ever know. And the most beautiful part of it he was mine.

A guy who always made my day with his silly attitude. Always make me smile when I have rough days. Just to hear his voice already make my day seems brighter. Never failed to care for me. How i'm so thankful to god above fer giving me such opportunities to know such a wonderful man. It's like GOD been sending me the most Handsome Angel to make my day...

After what I've been thru last night and this morning what he have said I just can't hold back those tears that kept falling down to my cheek. And hurt i felt inside "sorry baby i just cant stop my tears n felt shitty about all this"

arghhh....hate this feelings...wish I could just stop all this things....alot of things has lingering in my mind now.oh why woh why...all those words we've talked about kept repeating in my head and kept cryin whenever i think of it....If only I could wash it all away...

Its hard to know that he's here for another 5-6 months and knowing i can't enjoy every moment with him..and spent all my precious lil time with him...Its hard to know when he's always lingering in my mind even i'm in a very dark places. I know it's gonna be a lot much harder if we ever kept going on being together...but I just wish to have my time being with him the most amazing guy I knew in a year of 2009. It's like every "mat salleh" I saw remind me of him...such a wonderful man indeed.

Baby, I wanna thank you for being part of my life. Wish never be apart but we already did...

Thank you love for everything.

Natashya Raz

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Promise are meant to be broken, is just another way to tell a lie. If you promise someone you will probably forget about it, no one cares how the other person would feel about this, the person who you made the promise to. No one thinks before making promises they just make it and then never fulfill them.

Why do all the cute guys have ugly girls? Because they are willing to have sex with them, they would do anything to stay with that guy and that’s what mostly guys want. Pretty girls do the same thing they would be with an ugly guy because to money.

People who are working hard these days, later on they will be enjoying life while the people who are not stressing or working hard right now will be working there a*s off later on in life.

Most guys won't marry a girl who is known as a slut or have bad reputations, because they want a real wife who is respectful and have honour so they can show their friends and family how nice she is and same goes for girls they want the guy to be cute and perfect.

People who say they are in love, are they really in love? Or are they just in it for sex and/or money? Most of the time people say that they love someone but do they truly love that person? Will they actually die for that person? Saying I will drink a poison for you is one thing but actually drinking a poison for someone is another.

Why do people lie? They are afraid of telling the truth, they are weak to face the truth and they are weak to face the circumstances that the truth would bring, but somehow somewhere truth mostly comes out.

Why is it so hard to ask a person to marry them? Why the marriage question is always avoided? They are afraid of what the other person will answer but mostly they are not sure if they are ready to get marry and stay with the same person for rest of their life.

Why is trust so easily broken? We don't stop and think if the person we are trusting is even right. I guess that’s the reason it is so hard to trust someone and when we finally do they just break the trust in moments.

Why is it so easy to have four kids and still get a divorce? Some people are really selfish they look at what they want first and then they care about other people.

Whenever something bad happens we start to blame god, why don't we remember him when something good happens? As soon as something bad happens we start crying and asking god why he did this to us but we never say thank you for giving us all the happiness.

I know some people won't agree with this and some mite but this is the reality mostly of these things do happen and is sad to see what kind of world we live in.
If you make a promise never break it, if your with someone for sex or money don't do that is just wrong, work hard right now so you can enjoy life after, marry a girl or guy you love not a person who you think will be most suitable for family and friends to meet, don't say you’re in love if you don't mean it is just hurting the other person, don't lie truth mostly comes out so no point of lying, don't be afraid to spend your life with someone. If you really love them than ask them to marry you before is too late, never break anyone’s trust it will take forever to gain it back, if you’re getting divorce first think about your children talk to them about it, and always thank god for everything

Monday, September 7, 2009

Just piece of my mind....

I don't really understand why some people need to make other people life miserable and always looking at other flaws and start gossiping around....

Some people might have this "goody goody" look but yet after a while it shows the true colour of that person personality. Why those people stop talking about people flaws an get on with your life???well i can't stop it now don't I?

Well, i got nothing much to say just stop being a hypocrites low life people...

Thursday, September 3, 2009

I had told you...

I had told you that I Loved You, and that was the start,
Not knowing that it would lead to the demise of my heart.
I yearn for the kind of relationship that is true and steady,
But for that kind of commitment, you were not ready.

When I cry at night, and nothing can calm my fears,
and knowing that this dilemma is causing my tears.
I was confident that this would work out fine,
I guess I was wrong, I had crossed the line.

Although you don't feel the same for me, and it hurts to know,
but hopefully one day you will feel the same, and will tell me so.
I didn't say I Love You this time, didn't want to push the issue,
But know that you are in my heart, and I really miss you!

I wish that I could rewind time and make you forget,
For those three little words I wrote, for now I regret.
I'll lay my head low, and cry in my shame,
My Love for you, I will silently proclaim.

Until the day you are ready to give yourself to me,
Please forget those words, those words of three.
Let's go back to the way it was before,
that we both had met....and nothing more.