Monday, August 3, 2009

1st August 2009.

N.R and J.S
Taken by: Mr Liam Ta
Venue : Changkat 21 club

Hey let me tell you how I met this arrogant pretty boy but yet sweet amaizing guy. Well first i saw him in Fitness First Damansara Uptown saw him with my Senior Membership Consultant Damien Kishok Kumar. They were passing right in front of me and he didn't even look around esp me. arghh aku raser terchabar lah pulak ngan mamat i recon he's an arrogant australian guy {woh yeah when he signed up as a members I'm still working with Fitness First}. heheh. After couple of weekss i saw him in the gym i started to say "Hai" to him and yeah we become friends. Not friends friendss but Hai Bye friends. Barely talk to each other that time hurmmm maybe cause I'm stuck with someone else I think woh well chiter lame jgn diungkit org melayu kate.

Than month of April 2009, I'm no longer working with FF and decided to work with my previous boss and make something with life other than being a "SALES PERSON" m good being a PERSONAL ASSISTANT so why waste my brain n energy to something i don't really like. And I lost contact with this James guy.

So 3 months later i decided to be a members since all of my friend are there n yet i need to fulfill my FREE TIME so why not a members won't do me any harm kan? so there I was a Member's in FFDU and finally meet James and we decided to talk and go out and ahve some fun. and there you go we xchange numbers and decided to meet up and there we are on or not official date.

And before he went holiday to phuket we have Lunch date at TSB 20 July 2009. he just made my day. We decided to proceed what we have now ever since. and our real Dinner Date was on 070809 at Bora Asmara, such a beautiful night for me but i'm not sure about him lah.

All in all now what i feel toward this thing we have I'm happy just to be with him at this moment cause he's a sweet amaizing guy. Don't look at the flaws just look into the imperfection of someone and u might like them.

Thank you Cuddle for always make my day ;p'

Why Did We???

I wish you’d stop. . . No, I lie! I don’t! I just wish it would stop hurting this much!!

We can’t keep doing this you know. One minute its yes… maybe, the next is NO it’s wrong.

Its false hope you are giving me and it is not fair!!

You kissed me!! You opened up the can and let all the worms, years and years of fat juicy worms.

It should have stayed there – with the kissing thing – it was a mistake. It happened in a moment of weakness, lets just get over it, move on and live with it. It was nothing really, just a kiss, just one unforgettable, incredible, heartbreaking, forever-hurting kiss. But NO!! We HAD to talk about it. There are things to be said, emotions to be considered, feelings to be aired . . . We should have just left it there – at that incredible, breathtaking, cursed kiss.

Why did we have to talk about it? Why did we bother? How would knowing everything change anything? Why didn’t you stop me from cutting open my chest and exposing my heart to you. Why didn’t you force yourself to keep all you feel to yourself, like you’ve been doing forever. Why did we have to go and talk about it???

Now we know and we can never take it back or can never be unsaid or erased or ignored or forgotten. It will always be there between us, even though no one else knows. I know. You know. We know. And we can not do anything about it. What is the use of knowing if there is nothing we can do about it…

Why did we HAVE to talk… at all…

I don’t want to know how you feel, have felt for as long as you’ve know me, you say. I don’t want to know about how if this was another universe, we would have had a chance.

Don’t you get it. This world that we’ve created; with just the two of us… it is another universe. A cruel, unforgiving, ungrateful, hurtful universe.

Don’t you dare… don’t say it… please don’t… not even in OUR universe… don’t you ever ever say it… never again

you love me…