Thursday, January 21, 2010

My 2010

Well where should i start??
hmmm.well 2009 been an amazing journey for me there's sadness and happyness as i went thru this life..but i wished to delete them all away and start fresh at 2010..well let me tell you hows my 2010 starts..
It all begin on 31st of December, was planning with my BFF Ferry where to go..sooo there's bunch of us that's include Abr, Joey & Kem,. As we went off to Changkat (well where else would i be) alot of people been queing up for the entrance in Werner's still the cover charge doesn't make any sense so 3 of them decided to go to LQ instead of spending thier NEW YEAR with us but thats ok.we already make a left me and Ferry in changkat tryin to find our own fun. so we DID (YEAY!!). All started out in Sutra for a glass of wine and even we did the NEW YEAR countdown in sutra amaizing how fun we had when there's only both of us. Glass of wine, Fire works and people around us is soo amizing friendly...then as the minutes goes by we saw Dayne and his other friends which they are so amaizing and that is FRED, CHRIS & MATT. we decided to leave Sutra & went to thier hotel and get more drinks. We took alot of picture as we want that night to be memorable. In a few minutes after that i had so much fun talking to Chris Allen a backpacker's friend whom i just met. Amaizing and we share the same thoughts. His wonderful idea about everything somehow just made my night. Can't even remember what my BFF did cause i was so pissed drunk and busy talking to Chris. hahah sorry my BFF i was totally drunk and i think you know about that..LOVE YOU MY BFF..woh yeah i even make a new friend with this guy named Martin, haven't got the chance to hang out with him cause we spent our New Year with Dayne & friends.
And so we went home at 4am, went home out my head on the pillow and within few minutes i already in LALALAND...hahahah wat a night to celebrate my NEW YEAR..all in all do not mix Wine with some Jack Daniel's doent go together..hahahha
So i receive a msg from Chris and we spent a night again together with Ferry, Dayne, Fred, Chris, Matt and myself. Decided to spent more new year celebration to watch live band in Raggee Bar. the band is amaizing. so gonna go there with ferry again..will post some of my new year pictures in this blog. hehehe
All in all i had so much fun.
So here's my New year resolution:-
1: Not gonna get involved with someone to fast
2: Gonna save some money to travel
3: make more friends well i have more than enough now
4: Be more a good girl than before (stay at home is always an option) hahah
5: Gonna find myself , Who i really am
6: Gonna wait for the right guy to come and then get married
7: No more hanky panky life
Well that's about it for now i guess will post it again when i have some more ideas
Natashya Raz