Monday, May 3, 2010



Fisrt saw you never knew i would fall fo you. I've wasted 7mnths in my life with a guy who never know how to appriciate me. I wish i just could turn back the time when first i met you. Wish i knew you like i know you now.

Never had any intention to have this feeling but you make this feeling grows stronger everytime i'm with you. Each day i spent my lil minutes with you. You throw you love and treat me like a women should be treated. Maybe that how you show love to other, I dont know!

Well i know you'll start reading my log again since there's you in this blog LOL!

Darling i just want you to know being in your arms was the most amaizing thing that have happen in my 2010 life.

Just imagine if i knew you back then, but heck can never change back the time. As i believe every thing happened for its reason maybe there's a reason you'r ein my life even though only for a month.

But for wahever reason that is, thank you dearest for every lil thing, your time and your love thank you very much I appriciate every lil thing you've done for me.

I've fall in love with a guy I know only for a month and i will remember him always in my heart and there's always a space for him inside of me.

Thank you love, my darling, my baby, My ...............

Love always
Natashya Raz

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